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Svetlana Papazov

Dr.Svetlana Papazov

Svetlana Papazov

Meet Svetlana

Dr. Svetlana Papazov is a thought leader, professional speaker, and senior pastor who started and led five for profit businesses, two nonprofit organizations and has written for well-known magazines such as Enrichment Journal, Leading Hearts, Vital Words and more.


Dr. Svetlana speaks to corporations and associations about leadership, team development, and employee retention. She trains business leaders and entrepreneurs to craft and deliver captivating messages. As a speaking coach and business consultant, she positions businesses for maximum profit.

What excites Dr. Svetlana the most is unleashing human potential and having a front row seat in the development of influencers. That is why she has intentionally transitioned from a life of a business owner of multiple enterprises to a life of an equipper of leaders. In 2016, she founded Real Life Church and Real Life Center for Entrepreneurial and Leadership Excellence, a first of its kind model of church and business incubator that connects faith and entrepreneurship. Her joy is to work with committed individuals who are willing to co-create beautiful futures with God. 


Her new book Church for Monday (September 2019) talks about the Church that equips believers for work on Monday and fosters the creative streak placed in every one of us from God, practices corporate public faith by uniting worship on Sunday with the mission on Monday.

Church For Monday Book - Available Now

Many followers of Jesus are perplexed as to what it looks like to "be the church" in the marketplace. This episode of Faith+Biz will rejuvenate you and breathe a new level of spiritual passion into your work and/or business. Click below to listen to this new Podcast Interview with Dr. Svetlana Papazov about “Church for Monday”.


Booking & Inquiries

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107 N. Reino Rd.

Suite 351

Thousand Oaks, CA 91320

Tel: (805) 870-5836

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